Content strategy

Creating useful, usable and easy to find content that builds your business

Content strategy is all about having a strategy for, well all your digital content. It may sound obvious, but so many businesses neglect it and pay the price.

A content strategy will tell you what you are doing and why. It aligns to your business goals and provides a roadmap for how your digital content will help grow your business.

It tells you:

  • who you are talking to (and whether or not your speaking their language)
  • what your customers are searching for (and whether they are finding you)
  • what your unique online voice is
  • how you need to structure your content (Information architecture and UX design)
  • what kind of content (and on what platforms) you should be creating.

It helps you plan ahead, so you can set goals and track your progress.

People navigate the web using words. That’s why a content-led approach to creating your website is so important.


How a content strategy can help you


Tone of voice

Tone of voice defines what your unique online voice is. It showcases your personality, helps connect you with your customers and makes writing professional and effective content so much easier.

Information architecure

Information architecture is about looking at your website the way your customers do. Is it easy to navigate? Does the structure make sense? If not, you are making it harder for your customers to love you

Content audit

A content audit is an honest appraisal of your site – what’s good, what could be better and what you could do without. A content audit will give you a clear idea of how to take your website from blah to huzzah

Content planning

Get organise and strategic with your content by planning your blogs, updates, social media and emails in advance. A content calendar will take the stress out of your online content and will help you really target your market
I have worked with everyone from large corporates such as Medibank and Jetstar to small local businesses to develop content strategies that turn their digital content into powerful tools to build their business.

Whether you are a big company or a one-person band, a content strategy is about using data and research to create content your customers need, when they need it and in a way they want it.

It’s also about making sure that the content you create is published, edited, shared, archived and re-used when it needs to be.

So if you want to get strategic about your digital content, let’s get started.